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Star Wars Mighty Beanz

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Mighty Beanz Star Wars Tin
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Retail Price: $19.99
Amazon Price: $2.97
OK, so Star Wars Mighty Beanz are far from a new toy. And chances are they are not going to land on any top 10 toys for Christmas lists. But they are a great little collectible for any Star Wars fan. They would make a terrific stocking stuffer, or just simply a nice gift for a good grade on a test. And best of all, compared to most of the toys out there, Star Wars Mighty Beanz are relatively inexpensive.

So let’s get right to it.

Star Wars collectors have already given the two thumbs up to Star Wars Mighty Beanz.  Parents I know are especially relieved that this particular collectible is affordable, not like many other Star Wars items.  Costing from only $5 to $10 a pop, these beans make great items for Star Wars fans or Mighty Beanz fans too.  They cost little enough that they can be purchased with some of the weekly pocket money or allowance, without having to stretch the household budget.

Spin Master’s Mighty Beanz came on the market in 2003 and unlike many other fad toys they are still around, and many who started collecting in the beginning are still collecting today.  Spin Master had the great idea to include premium Mighty Beanz which are more rare, and the Might Beanz come in blind random packs which adds more of a challenge for the avid collector, and allows for swapping and selling duplicate Star Wars Mighty Beanz.

If the fanatical Star Wars Might Beanz collector has not purchased the Darth Vader Storage container that contains five exclusive Beanz at only $24.95, then it’s time to get that.  The storage container alone costs $19.95, so that means that these exclusive Beanz that come along with it are priced at only a dollar each.

How Many Star Wars Mighty Beanz Are There?

There is also some confusion about Star Wars Mighty Beanz and how many are in the set, as packages say to collect all 60 but there are Star Wars Mighty Beanz turning up that are numbered up to number 89.  Whether this is a clever marketing ploy by Spin Master or just a mistake, right now nobody is too certain what’s going on.  I think it’s probably the former answer!

The agreement is by avid collectors of Star Wars who collect anything to do with the show/series is that the graphics and packaging on the Star Wars Mighty Beanz is collectible in itself.

What Are Star Wars Mighty Beanz?

For those of you who have never seen or handled Star Wars Mighty Beanz, they are small capsule like objects that contain a ball bearing which makes the Beanz flip over and wobble around.  By using a flip track you can actually get these crazy things to walk along downhill.  The graphics are great on them and that’s what makes them so enduring and collectible – and for parents – they are not expensive and they don’t take up a lot of room.  This also means they can be carried along with the owner so they can be admired by friends and swapped or sold to obtain other Star Wars Mighty Beanz, or whatever their favorite Mighty Beanz series happens to be.

There are (most people say) sixty Star War Mighty Beanz in the first series which you purchase 4 at a time in the Star Wars Mighty Beanz packs.

There are five special Droid series Star Wars Mighty Beanz which are only available via TV purchase or perhaps eBay.  Toys-R-Us have two more exclusive Star wars Mighty Beanz, number 87 and 88, Hans Solo and Chewbacca, which come in a special Millennium Falcon case.  Numbers 88 and 89 only come with the Darth Vader Light Saber flip track.

So you can see why collecting Star Wars Mighty Beanz can be such an enduring challenge.

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