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Razor Rip Rider 360

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Razor Rip-Rider 360 Drifting Ride-On
Overall Rating:
Retail Price: $129.99
Amazon Price: $74.84
Remember the classic Big Wheels of the 1970’s? Well the Razor Rip Rider 360 remakes this great trike in a whole new and very cool way.

The large inline back wheels have been replaced with two inclined caster wheels. The results are incredible. Your child can now have resistance free drifting and can spin around in circles at high speeds. Even coasting is much faster than you remember. And the great looking steel frame will have everyone looking at them as the spin out repeatedly. You really just have to see it in action to believe it. And kids just love it.

If you have a child that is over 5 years old, this could be his “big gift” this year. You just may have a hard time getting him off of it.

And judging from the reviews, parents love it too. We even read where 13 year olds love it and ride it all the time. One reviewer called it the best trike ever. Another lamented that they do not make one for adults (it has a weight limit of 160 pounds).  Something to beware of is that it may be a problem if you have more than one child. It seems like siblings tend to fight over who gets to use it. The toy is that much fun.

The only negative review we read was that the Razor Rip Rider 360 arrived in a marked factory box. So if you child sees the box in the mail (or on the porch) he’ll know exactly what it is well before Christmas. That spoils the surprise and of course lets him know that the gift is not from Santa.

A minor complaint, but if your child is home when the mail arrives, you may want to have it shipped to an alternate address.

Other than that, this will likely be the very favorite Christmas gift under the tree.

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