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Top 10 Toys For Christmas

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Hi and welcome to Top 10 Toys For Christmas. Our name tells some of what we are about, but we are about much more than a list of popular toys.

We are, at this writing, at the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. So our first ten posts on this blog are indeed about the current most popular toys, the ones that are drawing a lot of interest from parents and of course kids. But as you know, things change rapidly. In a weeks time someone could announce the release of a new toy that comes out of nowhere and catches on like wildfire. When that does, we’ll be sure to tell you about it, and we’ll show you where to get it so you don’t miss out.

In the days before online shopping I remember our daughter decided at the last minute that she had to have a P.J. Sparkles doll. Remember them? You may not, They didn’t last very long. The problem was at the last minute they were impossible to find. And we called every store and toy retailer within a two hour drive. It’s amazing what we’ll do for our kids. Of course nobody had them. Some stores would tell us that they would have a new truck arriving overnight, but they had no way of knowing if the doll was on the truck. So the next morning, well before the stores opened I would go to one store with an overnight delivery, my wife would go to another, and we would wait until the store opened and the truck was completely unloaded. The bad news is that we never did get the doll, although we did end up with a pretty close clone. And since she was still very young, it made her happy. Man I wish there was good online shopping back then.

Which brings us back to this site. Our plans are to add at least one hot selling toy to the website every day. We’ll tell you a little bit about the toy so you can hopefully make an informed decision. And we’ll show you where to get it at a good price. We won’t be reviewing the toys per se since obviously we don’t have them all, but we will let you know what they are all about and what they do. And we’ll be doing this right up to Christmas day and a little bit beyond probably.

We recommend you subscribe to our feed in an RSS reader so you’ll know exactly when we add info on a new toy. That way you can check it out and see if it’s something your child (or you) might like.

We hope you find Top 10 Toys For Christmas a useful website. We certainly plan to make it one.

Update: As of August 11, 2011, we are going to make some changes. You see, Top 10 Toys for Christmas has become more popular than we ever expected. People don’t just stop by during the Christmas season, we find we are getting visitors year round. It seems many of you rely on us for great toy information.

So here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re not changing our name. Our primary focus is still Christmas toys. But we won’t be updating and posting reviews during the holiday season. Actually, we’ll probably be posting them year round. As many as 10 a month. We know that will mean this website will grow. So be sure to use the search function to see if we’ve written about a toy you’re interested in. Or just browse the pages to find the perfect toy for your child.

If you should buy any of the toys through the links on these pages we will receive a small commission from the seller.
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LeapFrog Letter Factory

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Teaching children the alphabet at home, during or before they are in kindergarten, is proven to be an effective method of fostering their developing minds. At a young age, people are at their most curious stage and always eager to learn about interesting new things. Studies on children ages four, five, and six suggest that teaching them the alphabet whilst at home is a great booster to the learning curve they are already getting at school. One DVD in particular, the Leapfrog Letter Factory to be precise, has been of great help to teaching the alphabet to children ages six and below.

A bit of history

Leapfrog Enterprises Inc. is a children’s toy company in Emeryville, California, that targets the learning needs of children. Mixing three things, technology, teaching, and playing, the company creates highly interactive, fun, and educational toys for children. Since its founding back in 1995, the company has taken on a pitched effort in an attempt to combine learning and playing together. By far those efforts are proving to be very successful. In fact, Leapfrog Enterprises now sell its products overseas, to ten countries besides the US. In 1997, the company was backed by the Knowledge Universe and its founders; brothers Lowell Milken and Michael Milken, and Oracle Corp’s CEO himself, Larry Ellison. In the coming years Leapfrog Enterprise obtained Explore Technologies Ltd; and in 1999, it launched the LeapPad, which quickly became a flagship product.

Latest Leapfrog

In addition to the company’s lineup of very popular educational products, the Leapfrog Letter Factory is an effective method of teaching children the alphabet. The Leapfrog Letter Factory DVD not only teaches letters and their familiar sounds to children, but it does so while providing great entertainment to both the parent and the child. Typically, parents would not allow their children to sit for more than half an hour watching TV, but with Leapfrog Letter Factory, and its partner DVD, the Talking Word Factory, parents find themselves helplessly indulging their kids’ newfound educational hobby. The great thing about this is that either of the DVDs are short enough, and do not exceed their tolerance for their children watching TV for too long. To quote a few parents, ‘this doesn’t turn their kids to zombies who want nothing but to sit all day and watch TV’.
In kindergarten, teachers consider the Leapfrog Letter Factory to be an invaluable method of teaching the English alphabet. In contrast to other educational media, the DVD brings life to individual letters. It brings emphasis to various memory triggers so that children could more easily be able to familiarize the alphabet. The letter ‘C’, for example, is partnered up with the word ‘cold’. And so it clatters like it’s really C-C-C-C-Cold.

The show features amusing characters—Professor Quigley, Tad, and Lily—while on a fun trip to Leapfrog’s Letter factory. Through singsong talks and rhymes, children can effortlessly familiarize themselves with the sounds of each letter, and the meaning associated with them. Long story short, the DVD is yet another excellent addition to Leapfrog’s never-ending lineup of educational playthings for children.

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Figit Friends

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Fijit Friends Review

FIJIT Friends Willa Interactive Toy
Overall Rating:
Retail Price: $49.99
Amazon Price: $32.00
Simple, soft, and highly interactive; those are words that describe Fijit Friends. If you don’t know what they are but you have a little girl, you’ll probably know soon enough. But why wait for her to tell you. That’s what we’re here for.

Basically these are soft and loveable characters that respond to your child depending on how she plays with them. Fijit Friends will talk, dance, move around and even light up depending on how your child plays. They’ll sing and tell jokes, again all depending on how they are played with.

For example if you’re playing music, your character will dance. Speak to them with certain phrases and they will respond. Children love interactive toys and these are certainly that.

Admittedly, they look simple. Fijit Friends have no arms or legs. They’re just a body, but that’s part of their charm. And they’re incredibly soft yet can move in different ways.

What parents are saying about Fijit Friends

Check out the reviews on this one and you’ll find most parents say they’re kids love them. Whether the character is dancing around or holding a conversation, kids will interact with it for a long time. And although there are plenty of features (we’ll get to that shortly), you can add to it with accessories. Things like mobile apps, videos online and commercials on television will all cause your character to interact if new and exciting ways.

As for complaints, some parents say the characters don’t respond in as many different ways as claimed. That’s probably true when you first take it out of the box. The problem is with the batteries that are included. Yes this toy actually includes the batteries. Unfortunately they are bad. Remove the batteries and replace them right away and your Figit Friend will increase his or her responses.

Another thing to note. There’s a reason this toy is recommended for children 6 and up. When speaking to the toy you must speak clearly if you want it to understand what you are saying.

Durability is not an issue with this toy. The soft plastic is designed not to break and feels great. Plus you can remove the ears when it comes time to store it.

Features of Fijit Friends

Each toy can say more than 100 phrases and jokes and will move in varying lifelike motions. They are designed to respond to predetermined phrases you say to them and will dance to recognizable music types. They also perform their own original songs. As we mentioned earlier, these toys are soft and can be squeezed and pokes without damage.

The hardest decision may be which one to buy. There are several Fijit characters that you can buy including Logan, Willa, Serafina and Sage. And the come in different colors like pink, blue, yellow and purple. Naturally you get instructions, and yes, batteries are included (it takes 5 AA) but you’ll need to get new ones right away if you want it to work right.

The bottom line

This is not an expensive toy when you consider how interactive it is. Your little girl will love it once she starts to interact with it. Sure they look rather simple, but they’re fun and cute. Once you know your daughter’s favorite color get a Fijit Friend to match. We do recommend you buy early, Fijit Friends may be hard to come buy as Christmas gets closer.

Overall Rating:

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Seller: Amazon

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Overall Rating:

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Seller: Amazon

Read what customers had to say....

Overall Rating:

Total Customer Reviews: (0)
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Read what customers had to say....

Overall Rating:

Total Customer Reviews: (0)
Seller: Amazon

Read what customers had to say....

Overall Rating:

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LeapFrog My Pal Violet

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LeapFrog My Pal Violet – A Calming And Soothing Friend

Overall Rating:
Retail Price: Varies based on product options
Amazon Price: View Sale Price
This toy got a five out of five star rating. LeapFrog My Pal Violet is a learning toy that entertains at the same time. The fact that it’s an interactive companion for your child, usually recommended for three years old down to six months, means that this cuddly creature will be lighting up, playing music and speaking your child’s name and reciting their favorite things in a singsongy voice that children love. This toy signifies the advances made possible in the world of children’s toys, thanks to high tech computer geeks working endless hours, chasing that one device that’s going to change the world. My Pal Violet simply hooks up with your computer and uses an internet connection application through the USB cable, which is included in its package.

What’s not to like about the LeapFrog My Pal Violet?

As I mentioned before, the voice is calming and soothing for a child and is designed with plush, colorful, cuddly fabric. Young girls love this as much as babies. Whenever it plays music or speaks, it lights up and has a little nametag that is attached to it. The paws have sewn in detailing, rather than glued on decals, and the nametag is made from durable plastic that is unlikely to snap off. There are no pieces that are considered removable that could be construed a choking danger. These toys get lugged around, they get their ears gnawed on and will be carried and dragged everywhere. They never complain, and it can stand up to even the toughest workout.

There’s a closure with Velcro, which holds the compartment for batteries, off and on switch, volume control and USB port safely inside. Yes I said volume control; not just on and off. This little puppy can either be set for quiet, normal or completely off. If it is manually turned off, the child will not be able to initiate sound with the usual pressing of the paws; rather an adult will have to switch on the master control. Balanced sound is provided by speakers, which are inside of this plush cuddly buddy. And you will need a screwdriver to open this battery compartment, which uses AAA batteries (three of them) when the sound begins to be distorted.

What does LeapFrog My Pal Violet say and what does it do?

As I said before, it will mention your child by name (or in the case of your child having an extremely unique name, nicknames are available) and lists some of your child’s favorite things. It plays lullabies as well as other music, such as upbeat, up-tempo songs that are instrumental for sing-alongs or instructional; song choices and musical notes are selected by pressing the symbol on the left paw. Pressing the right paw conjures up little sentences that will help your child learn about colors, emotions, words and more. Pressing the right foot provides your child with five individual picks of bedtime or naptime calming music. Pressing it once gives you music for 2 minutes while pressing it twice plays music for five minutes.

And pressing the foot three times runs 10 minutes; just a little extra time for your child to spend with their cuddly LeapFrog My Pal Violet buddy before blissfully drifting off to sleep.

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Air Hogs Hyperactives

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Air Hogs Hyperactives Review

It seems like every year we are doing a review of some new remote controlled vehicle at Christmas time. There’s two reasons for that. One is that new ones are released each year. And the other is that these great toys never seem to go out of style. Of course some are better than others, and the Air Hogs Hyperactives fall into this category. In fact, Air Hogs are almost always among the top sellers in the RC industry.

Should Your Child Have Air Hogs Hyperactives?

The short answer is yes. And here’s why. Hyperactives are one of the few toys released that will live up to the pre-Christmas hype. These toys are fast and will travel well on a variety of terrains. One of the problems with a lot of remote control vehicles is that once they turn over, you have to go pick them up and set them right for them to start moving again. That doesn’t happen with Air Hogs Hyperactives. They always return to the correct position on their own which keeps the fun moving.

And these are very easy to control. The remote allows you to be as much as 100 feet away from the car and it will still be under your command. And when your child is playing with friends who also own one of the Hyperactives, there will be no interference. That means no crossover in control. Your child’s remote will control his car, and his car only.

Of course kids love to race, and the Air Hogs Hyperactives are especially fun to race simply because they are so fast.

Another good feature is that these vehicles charge quickly. A complete charge only takes about 30 minutes. But there’s a drawback here too. The charged battery will only last 30 minutes as well. I guess you should expect that with the fast charging time, but kids will certainly want to play longer than a half an hour, even if the wait time until the next charge is complete is equally short.

Another potential drawback is the size of the car. They are small, which is what makes them both fast and nimble. Of course that also makes them easy to lose. They can get hidden under furniture or in bushes, so your child will have to keep an eye on it and make sure not to leave it out. Perhaps that’s why the manufacturer recommends Air Hogs Hyperactives for ages 12 and up. It’s certainly a minor point, but one worth mentioning.

Get Your Air Hogs Hyperactives Soon

Air Hogs helicopters sold extremely well last Christmas, and toy stores and online shops are expecting Hyperactives to do likewise this year. That means there’s the potential for them to sell out. If this is something your child will be interested in, we recommended you get it now and put it in a safe and well hidden place until Christmas.

Features Of The Air Hogs Hyperactives

Air Hogs Hyperactives come in a variety of metallic colors including blue and silver, orange and white, red and gold, as well as blue and yellow. They can be used both inside and out. And remember we told you earlier that these cars were fast, well they can reach speeds of up to 20 MPH. You will need 6 AA batteries for the remote and the included charger will charge the vehicle.

The Bottom Line

Air Hogs Hyperactives are a high quality toy and certainly one of the fastest RC cars available. Older children will absolutely love them and play with them for hours on end both indoors and outside. If you want an affordable toy that’s high quality and loads of fun, Air Hogs Hyperactives may be just what you are looking for.

Overall Rating:

Total Customer Reviews: (0)
Seller: Amazon

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Overall Rating:

Total Customer Reviews: (0)
Seller: Amazon

Read what customers had to say....

Overall Rating:

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Transformers Games For Kids

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Transformers Games For Kids Will Make Most Any Child Happy At Christmas

We have something a little different in this post. Rather than talking about a specific toy, we’re going to talk about a whole line of toys.

Transformers games for kids originated with Hasbro over twenty-five years ago and were originally based on the two warring factions of robots – the Autobots and the Decepticons.

It is probably one of the most foreseeing and profitable lines of games, comics, movies and toys on the market today and it keeps getting bigger.  In the beginning was the first generation of Transformers and with a Marvel comic published with the same name and then an animated TV series, the whole Transformers epic started.  The British and the Japanese picked up the ball and created their own spin-off versions, adapted to their own particular languages and audiences. MacDonald’s still gives away Transformer toys with Happy Meals.

Many sequels followed, with Generation 2 and a comic entitled “Beast Wars”, then more television shows including Cybertron and Armada, two parts of the Unicron Trilogy.

Two live action movies were also released in 2007 and 2009 – the initial concept goes from strength to strength and adapts to each new generation, most boys love Transformers, they play with the toys, some of which are extremely well engineered and quite complicated and complex.  There are series on TV to watch, movies, and lots of online games covering all the different aspects of the whole Transformer story.  GI Joe and Spider Man are just two of the famous characters that have gotten involved with the Transformers somewhere in their long story. There is violence, destruction, space travel, time travel and reincarnation involved – everything to capture a young person’s imagination.

Transformers Games For Kids – A Global Phenomenon

Real Transformer enthusiasts not only follow what is happening in the US versions of the Transformer stories, they also follow the British and Japanese spin offs, as these all take different directions.  They make Star Trek fans look lame!

Quite frankly all this stuff would make most peoples’ heads spin – including mine.  But kids have grown up following all the Transformers stories, through all the convoluted twists and turns of the plots.

A video game “War for Cybertron” released in 2010 is set in the same universe as the Transformers: Prime cartoon. Special toys have come out to coincide with the movie and even a book written called “Transformers: Exodus” which gives the events leading up to the start of the game.

Transformers 3 or “The Dark of Moon” was released in July of 2011.  The logline for the story is that the Autobots find out about a Cybertronian spacecraft hidden somewhere on the moon and there is a race to retrieve it.

There must be millions of kids that couldn’t wait until that’s released!  It was, naturally, another huge box office success, and of course there will be more toys, games, books and comics that go along with the movie.

There are collectors clubs for the toys, blogs, forums and oodles of information about the whole world of Transformers.  There are hundreds of Transformers games for kids that come in every shape and form, including dozens of different titles that can be played on PC, Wii, Nintendo and free online.

Overall Rating:

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Seller: Amazon

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Mighty Beanz Flip Track

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Don’t Spill The Beans With A Mighty Beanz Flip Track

I had never heard of Mighty Beanz until recently but since out last post was about a Mighty Beanz product we decided we’re on a roll so we’ll stick with is for another post about the Mighty Beanz Flip Track. Mighty Beanz are made in Australia by a company by the name of Moose Enterprises, a strange choice of names because I don’t think they have moose (or is it mooses?) in Australia.  These fun little bean shaped people came to the USA in 2002 and have been popular ever since, so popular it became necessary to invent something to keep them in, and one choice is the Mighty Beanz Flip Track, a folding device in which you can carry your Mighty Beanz without fear of, yes, spilling the Beanz.

A Mighty Beanz looks more like a capsule as each end is flattened, and they are about one inch long – definitely not suitable for small children as they are a choking hazard.  Maybe Moose Enterprises got the idea for Mighty Beanz by looking at Mexican jumping beans, the Australian version doesn’t contain a live insect though, they contain a small ball bearing that moves around inside each capsule or Beanz.

Each Mighty Beanz is a different character, so you can keep like characters in a different Mighty Beanz Flip Track. They are painted to look like animals, human beings (or is that human Beanz?) or even monsters, and each has a number, so collectors can swap duplicates with their friends.

Many cartoon personalities are characterized on these Mighty Beanz, and you could keep all your Simpsons characters in one Mighty Beanz Flip track, have another for your collection of Marvel superheroes and one for your Pokémon characters.  The number one “Rock n’Roll” bean is, of course, Elvis, with a “Tuff Bean” series that includes Hulk Hogan and a Leonard Nimoy “Space Trek” bean.

Some Mighty Beanz are worth a lot more than others and they are regularly traded on eBay and by avid collectors. They certainly don’t seem to be going the way of Beanie Babies any time soon, remember when some of those were being traded for thousands of dollars?  Now you see them face down in the dirt at yard sales!

Why a Mighty Beanz Flip Track

A Mighty Beanz Flip Track is the perfect place to keep all your valuable ones together, and you can clip it to your pants, wear it around your neck, or keep them safe from damage at the bottom of a bag.

In 2010 Moose Enterprises beefed up their product line with some more in their range of their collectible Mighty Beanz and includes the new series of Mega Beanz, which are quite rare.  These Beanz are shorter and wider than the first kinds of Mighty Beanz – they’re kind of like the Danny Devito of the Beanz world.  They move around completely differently to the original Mighty Beanz series as well – they are “unpredictable.”

If you have a big collection of Mighty Beanz, the Mighty Beanz Flip Track comes in a choice of three colors so you can keep your collections separate without getting them all confused.

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Star Wars Mighty Beanz

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Mighty Beanz Star Wars Tin
Overall Rating:
Retail Price: $19.99
Amazon Price: $0.01
OK, so Star Wars Mighty Beanz are far from a new toy. And chances are they are not going to land on any top 10 toys for Christmas lists. But they are a great little collectible for any Star Wars fan. They would make a terrific stocking stuffer, or just simply a nice gift for a good grade on a test. And best of all, compared to most of the toys out there, Star Wars Mighty Beanz are relatively inexpensive.

So let’s get right to it.

Star Wars collectors have already given the two thumbs up to Star Wars Mighty Beanz.  Parents I know are especially relieved that this particular collectible is affordable, not like many other Star Wars items.  Costing from only $5 to $10 a pop, these beans make great items for Star Wars fans or Mighty Beanz fans too.  They cost little enough that they can be purchased with some of the weekly pocket money or allowance, without having to stretch the household budget.

Spin Master’s Mighty Beanz came on the market in 2003 and unlike many other fad toys they are still around, and many who started collecting in the beginning are still collecting today.  Spin Master had the great idea to include premium Mighty Beanz which are more rare, and the Might Beanz come in blind random packs which adds more of a challenge for the avid collector, and allows for swapping and selling duplicate Star Wars Mighty Beanz.

If the fanatical Star Wars Might Beanz collector has not purchased the Darth Vader Storage container that contains five exclusive Beanz at only $24.95, then it’s time to get that.  The storage container alone costs $19.95, so that means that these exclusive Beanz that come along with it are priced at only a dollar each.

How Many Star Wars Mighty Beanz Are There?

There is also some confusion about Star Wars Mighty Beanz and how many are in the set, as packages say to collect all 60 but there are Star Wars Mighty Beanz turning up that are numbered up to number 89.  Whether this is a clever marketing ploy by Spin Master or just a mistake, right now nobody is too certain what’s going on.  I think it’s probably the former answer!

The agreement is by avid collectors of Star Wars who collect anything to do with the show/series is that the graphics and packaging on the Star Wars Mighty Beanz is collectible in itself.

What Are Star Wars Mighty Beanz?

For those of you who have never seen or handled Star Wars Mighty Beanz, they are small capsule like objects that contain a ball bearing which makes the Beanz flip over and wobble around.  By using a flip track you can actually get these crazy things to walk along downhill.  The graphics are great on them and that’s what makes them so enduring and collectible – and for parents – they are not expensive and they don’t take up a lot of room.  This also means they can be carried along with the owner so they can be admired by friends and swapped or sold to obtain other Star Wars Mighty Beanz, or whatever their favorite Mighty Beanz series happens to be.

There are (most people say) sixty Star War Mighty Beanz in the first series which you purchase 4 at a time in the Star Wars Mighty Beanz packs.

There are five special Droid series Star Wars Mighty Beanz which are only available via TV purchase or perhaps eBay.  Toys-R-Us have two more exclusive Star wars Mighty Beanz, number 87 and 88, Hans Solo and Chewbacca, which come in a special Millennium Falcon case.  Numbers 88 and 89 only come with the Darth Vader Light Saber flip track.

So you can see why collecting Star Wars Mighty Beanz can be such an enduring challenge.

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LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer

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You know how much you love your tablet. Perhaps you’ve got a new IPad or something similar. Well guess what? Kids love them too. And the LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer is something they will really love. It’s a tablet, more or less a “learning tablet” made especially for children. It’s got a touchscreen and a number of different apps. And the good news is that their tablet is going to be a lot less expensive than yours.

The LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Does What?

OK, so the important question is what can you child do with his new LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer. Well quite frankly, there’s simply too much to go into here. So instead let’s look at some of the more popular activities and apps.

For starters, there’s the Story studio, which combines writing, art and audio. You can take it a step further with the Art, Photo and Animation Studios. There are apps that cover just about any subject your child will take in school. Think about a curriculum that includes geography, math, language, art, reading, music and culture. And that’s just for starters. There are many more. Plus you can get flash card activities. You child can create movies and photos with the built in camera. And of course there’s an eBook reader.

And that’s just what’s included. You can purchase more activities and games by simply connecting the LeapPad to the internet or purchasing additional cartridges.

Should You Get Your Child A LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer?

In a word, yes. And if you already own a Leapster Explorer you should know that anything you’ve already purchased for that will also work on the LeapPad. So upgrading is seamless and if you have more that one child their games can be shared. Children under age four may or may not be ready for something like this. But it has enough challenging apps available that it will grow with them as they get older. It’s not often you find a learning tool that will keep a child’s attention for a long period of time. This will.

And kudos to the folks at LeapFrog for making this durable and kid friendly. The last thing you want is for something this costly to break easily. The LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer was built to withstand most of what your child can dish out, including drops, dirt and bumps.

Any Negatives?

Sure. For starters, if you child loves playing games, in spite of all the things we said were included, it’s probably less than you would like. That means more money out of your pocket. And since the LeapFrog LeapPad Exlporer retails for around $100, you’ll surely be spending more than you have become accustomed to for a handheld electronic device. But remember this system does more too. Not too many devices, for instance, include a video recorder. And you’ll save a little money since this device now accepts batteries that are rechargable.

Let’s sum up that major features of the LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer

  • It’s a handheld and portable tablet computer for children
  • Comes in green and purple
  • Has a built in camera and video recorder
  • The touch screen is 5 inches and can be operated by using a finger or stylus
  • It has a durable design
  • Special online areas allow parents to track their child’s progress
  • Has 2GB of memory built in
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty
  • Has over 100 cartridges available for purchase and works with Leapster Explorer titles

When you open the box you’ll get the LeapPad, a CD that will install software on your computer, a USB cord allowing you to connect to the computer and a stylus for operating the device.

The bottom line is that the LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer would be a good choice for your child. In fact, the cost may be the only thing that should hold you back. That doesn’t mean it’s a wallet drainer, and if you already have some Leapster game cartridges it will make this even more affordable.

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Air Swimmers

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The Air Swimmer Remote Control Incredible Floating Shark (Or Clownfish)

Remote Control Flying Shark
Overall Rating:
Retail Price: $39.99
Amazon Price: $19.34
Technically the Air Swimmer Remote Control Inflatable Floating Shark is a kids toy. We’ll state that right up front. But no matter what anyone tells you, this toy is not just for children. Adults will love this one too. In fact parents will find all kinds of uses for this one. Imagine someone walking into your home and being surprised by this large shark floating through the air in your living room. Fun!

What Are Air Swimmers?

OK, so lets back up and talk about what this is. Basically the Air Swimmer is a remote control toy. Nothing new about that right? Except this remote control toy is large, a whopping 57 inches long and 36 inches tall. It’s also inflatable. And of course, it’s a shark. And as it moves in the air it’s tail moves back and forth, thus giving the illusion that it’s actually swimming in the air. How’s that for unique? Oh, and you can get a floating Clownfish too.

Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Clownfish
Overall Rating:
Retail Price: $39.99
Amazon Price: $18.50
You might think that since this is large, storing it will be a problem. That’s wrong. Remember, it’s inflatable, which of course means you can deflate it when you are done. Of course you can’t just blow this one up. You’ll need helium to inflate it. But once it is inflated it will stay that way for a couple of weeks if you don’t deflate it first.

You may also expect something this large could be a real problem with kids flying it in your home. But again, the designers have this taken care of too. The design of the toy means it will not go crashing into your things. It will merely bump into objects and walls gently.

Steering is not a big problem either. The remote control is easy to operate and allows you to move the shark up and down, and around in a big 360 degree circle too. You can even be in the next room. The remote, utilizing 4 AAA batteries, will work from up to 40 feed away.

Is The Air Swimmer Remote Control Inflatable Floating Shark Good For Kids?

You bet it is, if they can pry it out of your hands! You’ll love it, but they’ll love it too. Just like you’ll love surprising your friends, they’ll like surprising theirs.

Now let’s talk about some drawbacks. For some, the fact that you need to fill it with helium is a problem, but it shouldn’t be. It’s not hard to find a helium canister that you can purchase. Or you can take the shark to a party store and they can fill it for you. Remember it will last for 2 weeks so it’s not like you’ll be running out daily to fill this thing up.

But be careful getting it back to the truck. And don’t use the Air Swimmer outside. Remember this is filled with helium, and just like any other helium balloon it will fly away if you don’t keep it tethered. Although a 5 foot shark floating in the sky would be quite a site.

Air Swimmers Have Two Options

We’ve been talking about the radio control option because it is, in our opinion, the better option. But you can get an infra-red version as well. The radio control is better for a couple of reasons. It’s easier to maneuver because it has a larger flying range. And you won’t lose your connection when you move the shark around doors and corners.

If you want something unusual, something not everyone else on the block will have, the Air Swimmer Remote Control Inflatable Floating Shark (or Clownfish) is a great toy for Christmas or any time of year. But if you buy it for your kids, don’t forget to let them play with it every once in a while.

Happy Nappers Pillow

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Happy Nappers Ladybug
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The Happy Nappers Pillow is proof that the more things change, the more they say the same. Case in point. Remember how last year the Pillow Pets were all the rage for young children. In fact in many cases they were very difficult to find on the store shelves.

In 2011 those Pillow Pets have been replaces by the Happy Nappers Pillow! And chances are they will be equally hard to find as Christmas gets closer. So before we get into the details of exactly what these are, let’s say right up front that if you young one is asking for a specific pillow, it might be a good idea to get it now. If not you risk a disappointed child or possibly paying way to much to get one at an online auction.

What Is A Happy Nappers Pillow?

OK, so let’s get down to business. A Happy Nappers Pillow is basically a plush toy that converts into a pillow when nap time arrives. Remember how Pillow Pets changed back and forth from an animal to a pillow. Happy Nappers transform out of their homes. In animal form they are a cuddly toy. In pillow form… well they’re a pillow of course.

So let’s get specific here and use the Dragon Happy Napper as an example. The Dragon lives in a castle, but when the doorbell rings he wakes up. Pull him out and the castle becomes the Dragon.

Happy Nappers Pillow Choices

Naturally there are a variety of Happy Nappers to choose from. The aforementioned Dragon is one, but you can also get a penguin, dog, bear, unicorn, cow and ladybug. It’s possible that more are coming.

The good news is that all are reasonably affordable, yet they are well made too. In other words, they can be slept with every night and carried about every day and still hold up.

The manufacturer of this products recommends that these are for children between the ages of 1 and 11. Younger children may need your help to convert from a house to a pillow, but most should be able to do this easily by themselves.

So far kids have loved Happy Nappers. Many parents are saying their children simply won’t go to sleep without them. And of course they drag them around the house all day, even taking them on shopping trips or dinner out. You can plan on these being very popular this year. Pick your up now before you can’t find them later.

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